but find yourself trapped in a small talk loop at every celebration?

craving real connection

• Do you struggle with building your relationships with everything else that's on your plate?

• Feel like quarantine set your social calendar clock back … and it’s ABOUT FREAKING TIME to sit around a table, break bread, and linger over empty cocktail glasses & belly-laughs again?

• Do you feel like you repeat the same highlights over + over—no new stories to report, same ol’ same around here! 

you're not alone!

hey austin, texas ... are you

After all, you’re the type of person that believes:

• Celebrating is practically its own love language—there’s absolutely, positively NO REASON the “only on special occasions” china can’t come out on a random Wednesday night

• Quality time with your loved ones is like music to your ears—your best memories are barefoot kitchen dance parties & back patio conversations that watch as the daylight transitions into a starry evening.

• The repetition of answering questions like “what have you been up to?”
Or “what’s new?” is starting to make you cringe … gross. Just … gross. Bring on the deep convos & heart-to-hearts, ASAP!

Don’t get me wrong, small talk isn’t a bad thing


 It needs to be the foundation you use to build deeper relationships, just like you would build a house. What
if you could intentionally go deeper with your people while enjoying all the planning & prep done for you?

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intimate picnics
 For the          at heart


Wolf and bloom presents

I’m the J. Lo-like event planner … except it’s for cool, spirited
sex-and-the-city styled picnics with those who matter most to you.


Enjoy a pre-planned, expertly designed experience around the picnic table meant to ignite your 5 senses and take the effort off your plate—like, all of it—so you can craft an authentic connection with your people.

Whether at your home, in a park or at a venue, our styled picnics are sure to provide memories you will always hold near.

You will have 2 1/2 hours to enjoy your event.
Setup and teardown are taken care of.

Our events are all inclusive with every detail already thought of and curated for you. All you need to do is show up and craft heirloom memories with your people. 

• Beautifully Crafted Table-scape
• Themed Scent
• Themed Playlist
• Themed mocktail on ice
• Bottled water on ice
• Grazing Board from local company
• Mini desserts from local company
• Polaroid Camera Rental + 10 photos
• Bluetooth Speaker Rental
• Cornhole Rental
• Hand sanitizer
• Custom letter board and special details
• We're Not Really Strangers connection game
• (optional) iphone 12pro Photoshoot with 10 edited photos - delivered within 2 business days
• Guest Book - please leave a note and a polaroid to commemorate the special day


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Current theme

an escape to the french countryside

Les Fleurs de chalet

Enjoy a modern spin on an authentic french picnic complete with soft neutral florals and vintage silver.

an escape to the french countryside

les fleurs de chalet

Enjoy a modern spin on an authentic french picnic complete with soft neutral florals and vintage silver.

So what's next?


Choose the size of your gathering



Book your date and time. We ask that you book at least 72 hours in advance. If you need it sooner, please contact us.




Show up and enjoy a thoughtfully crafted experience, just for you.


Time is too precious to only visit the surface with people.

Here’s a secret…..

Did you know that social connection actually strengthens our immune system, helps us recover from disease faster and may even lengthen our life? 

We are made for deeper connections. 

tailored to ignite your 5 senses

The Hostess Collective intentionally touches on each to elevate the experience. You might be thinking….this sounds great but what do my senses have to do with connection?

We use items that bring your senses to life to cultivate a cozy and inviting environment. This helps to initiate comfortability. Studies show that when we are comfortable, we are more vulnerable and that is when true authentic connection can happen.

Taste - Sound - Touch - Sight - Smell

Finally get past the small talk and get to know your people on a deeper level all while crafting heirloom memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Book your intimate upscale picnic in austin, texas now!

We can't wait to celebrate with you.

authentic celebrations to craft connection

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My name is Heather Stout, welcome to my little digital home! I live and work in sunny Austin, Texas with my three large, goofy pups. I love hosting, decorating, and creating lasting memories with the people who matter most to me. Most days when I'm not crafting or designing, you can find me hiking with my pups, catching up on my favorite shows, or commanding my kitchen dance floor. I've also been known to craft some scrumptious, spur-of-the-moment cocktails! But let's go deeper...