Gift a relaxing experience for mothers day

May 5

Moms are some of the hardest working people we know. Why not for mothers day, create a gift basket of items that she can use to create a relaxing and cozy experience? Gift baskets are always my go-to because you can really customize them to fit the person perfectly.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite items below that you can easily tuck into a basket and tie with a cute bow. What woman doesn’t want a relaxing bath experience and then items to cozy up in after?? It’s literally something I dream of often!

Cute vessels and great scent options. You can choose between a fresh scent and more with a little more spice. Loving the colors and organic shape of these.
I am obsessed with bath trays. Perfect place to set your drink, candle, speaker and maybe even a book. You can’t wrong with this addition.
If you’re grabbing that bottle of wine, you definitely need something to put it in. I love the marble texture on this one and that it’s not glass so no worries about breaking it. Also comes in a rose gold color.
Lush bath bombs are my absolute favorite and this one is a triple threat! Pretty n’ pink, helps relieve sore and tired muscles and has calming scents. What a perfect relaxing bath addition!
After I get out of the bath, I immediately want to cozy
up and my go-to is usually a matching jogger set. I love
this one from target because it’s cute but also light so
you won’t get too hot as the weather warms up.
Slippers are a must! I’m not sure if you knew, but
Pottery Barn has the absolute best slippers around
in my opinion. I have been wearing these for years
and have just about every color. Highly recommend!
This was technically bought as my travel eye mask but
it actually lives in my bedside table and is a must for
me every night. There is just something so spa-like
about having an eye mask on. Makes me feel like I should
be curled up in silk pajamas and sheets as well.
Last but definitely not least, the coziest throw blanket! These are so soft and such pretty neutral shades too. After getting all comfy after a relaxing bath, there are few things as good as curling up with a cozy blanket to read or watch a movie!

Now, you don’t have to get these exact products but these are all items that I personally have and love.

Some other items you could throw in or sub for something else could be her favorite tea, a mug, face mask, nail polish, cute scrunchy or headband, a favorite book/movie or even a small wireless bluetooth speaker.

Let me know below if you decided to go this route and what you included! Or if you forwarded this to your partner as a hint! 🙂 Thank you so much for taking time to visit my little corner of the web!

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