It is a space where you seek uniquely crafted products that elevate your party
to a thoughtful celebration, but you also find a community desiring to cultivate a
lifestyle of joy with their loved ones and in their day-to-day lives.
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What is a celebration boutique?


A group of women who come alive when planning the perfect celebration, and desire a community that creates space for the both/and; both the heavy emotions that are simply a part of life, and the
decision to celebrate all the good no matter what.

What is the wolf pack?


Yes! I am currently getting the shop ready to launch with my Classics Line and also working to develop a variety of things, including tassel garlands, wrapping sheets, gift tags, party planning notepads and something top secret to help you host the most fabulous dinner parties!

Will you offer more types of products in the future?


Yes, please contact me directly for details:
The shop will be launching soon. 

Do you offer wholesale to retailers?


Yes I will once the shop launches, upon request.

Do you offer items in bulk? 


At this time, I don't have the capacity to design limitless custom orders through
the website. However, if you have an idea, please don't hesitate to reach out to me
by e-mail:

Do you create custom products?