Celebrating the literal hell out of the Holidays

Nov 6

Have we ever needed holidays full of beauty and cheer more than this ugly year? Not in my memory, at least. So to channel all of the hard emotions into creating something meaningful, I’m committing to cultivating cozy in my home to the fullest extent. I’m talking the best cocktails, decor, tablescapes, treats, and scents of the season. My window will radiate all the fucking peace and joy I can muster.

So what’s on my to-do and buy lists?

  1. All the ingredients in the holiday cocktails included in the Cocktails + Mocktails series in my monthly newsletter, The Petal Post. I plan to have at least one warm and one chilled signature beverage, and I’ll share the recipe with whomever I do a Zoom date with so we can drink them together!
  2. A little more greenery from Trader Joe’s, because with my aesthetic, one can never have too much eucalyptus or evergreen! It will appear in my tablescapes, all of the exterior and interior doors, perhaps even on top of the cabinets. Who knows, I might go a little crazy over here. Follow me on Pinterest for some inspo!
  3. Figuring out just the right essential oil blend with a hint of sweet, and spice, and everything nice! Right now I’m loving my Thieves blend in my diffuser, which smells like cinnamon. I’m considering buying a little orange essential oil to really complete that Christmas-y scent! Bonus, essential oils boost immunity AND mood, so it’s a win-win!
  4. Can we even talk about cozy without bringing up soft sweaters and furry blankets?! It’s finally cooling down here in Texas, and I’m all about it! My crazy pups also feel warm and comforting, especially when I have my digital youtube crackling fireplace lit.
  5. And MUSIC. Personally, I’m not much of a Mariah Carey girl, but I’m really into Pentatonix and a little Michael Buble. I also love to belt it out when a song like “Last Christmas” comes on, because who doesn’t? I’ve found singing and moving to my favorite songs really helps bust me out of my blues, so it’s more than just about the musical cheer – it’s part of how I take care of my mental health.

See what I did there? I hit on ever single one of the five human senses, because I kid you not when I say I plan to stuff holiday happiness into every single nook and cranny of my being. Maybe I can redeem a tiny bit of this awful year.

Bonus: From the archives, the first tables-cape and floral arrangement my grandmother ever let me fully do on my own without having to consult with her! Hosting was serious business in my house. Hope it sparks some inspirations for your tables-cape planning!

And as I document all of my solitary festivities, maybe I can encourage and inspire you to cultivate cozy in your own home, and battle the drearies with me. We can’t control the chaos all around us, but we can make powerful choices for our own lives. It’s worth the effort, worth the time and money, because it’s our mistletoe-wrapped middle finger to an era that seems intent on tearing us down.

Be brave, Wolfpack. Celebrate with me. Thank you so much for taking time to visit my little corner of the web!

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