Born Again

Oct 1


Born Again: A poem by Heather Stout

thinking about this shit
starting to feel crazy
what if we are meant for more
let’s shout definitely, maybe

our power can change so much
event when things are so far
that we can barely touch

one tap
one push
one move

we can make the earth shatter

one word
one hug
one love

we can make people gather

together is not just a word
it is the only thing that matters

it is time
it is now
there is no more waiting

we need to stand
we need to fight
our world is quickly fading

left up to us with no outlet to vent
we are still more equipped than the president

he’s taken a match
and lit up our home
we’ll just be born again
straight from the womb

we won’t be silenced
we can’t be stopped

we will rebuild
we will stand tall
we will have a world
who stands together above it all

Thank you for reading my late night thoughts from my journal. Stay tuned to see what page I’m tearing out next.

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