Wolf + Bloom is a Celebration Boutique rooted in hardship.

My mission is to empower women to live a lifestyle of joy through thoughtfully designed products and acts of celebration.

This passion project of mine was created to help you learn to celebrate every moment so you can live a full  life that doesn't waiver based on circumstance

Join me across the blog, socials, site and the shop to learn how I live
a joyous life while battling mental health.
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My name is Heather Stout, welcome to my little digital home! I live and work in sunny Austin, Texas with my three large, goofy pups. I love hosting, decorating, and creating lasting memories with the people who matter most to me. Most days when I'm not crafting or designing, you can find me hiking with my pups, catching up on my favorite shows, or commanding my kitchen dance floor. I've also been known to craft some scrumptious, spur-of-the-moment cocktails! But let's go deeper...

Finally get past the small talk and get to know your people on a deeper level all while crafting heirloom memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

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authentic celebrations to craft connection

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heather stout
wolf + bloom

"life's short so toss the confetti, use your fine
china, have that fancy cocktail and celebrate
every moment!"

billy idol

"If I had
the chance, I'd
ask the world
to dance!"

"if i had the chance, i 'd
ask the world to dance!"